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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

search engine watch quotes as saying that Technorati has a new "authority scale" which attempts to give some credence to blogs, only to show this ad which will show why this simple concept will fail:

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Given that linking is only ONE way that Google interprets the relevance of a website (and therefore provides the best, most relevant search results), surely using links alone is a surefire way to open the authority scale to abuse.

The great Matt Cutts quotes in January that Google themselves are cracking down on link baiting now that itr has become the subject of so much abuse.

So, this leads me to the conclusion that as linking plays only a small part of the credibility of Google's search results - and credible results are Google's bread and butter, just how much can Technorati dedicate to ensuring that the authority scale is not abused?

A great idea for the common sense blogosphere, but as soon as some idiot thinks of a way of abusing this great tool for more financial and perhaps pornographic purposes, link-derived authority is a nice idea waiting to be abused.

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