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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Brand Republic is quoted as saying that Manchester United are close to tying up a major new sponsorship deal with either Qatar Airways or Air Etihad estimated to be worth between £55 and £60 million - not bad considering United's last tie-in with Vodafone was worth £36 million only 3 years ago!

One thing that strikes me as odd though is that with so much political/religious tension between The Middle-East and The West, can these companies genuinely expect to get the same sort of returns that Vodafone achieved - even if they COULD attract the football-going public to fork out a small fortune to fly with them?

Vodafone were able to add significant revenue streams like club/network exclusive tie-ins and material (United goals, logo's, ringtones etc.), and increased the number of subscribers as a result.

Can an airline whose destinations are in what many Westerners are led to believe are generally "hostile" regions expect to get a significant level of return?

Equally, is the cash-strapped football fan forking out £50 a week to watch the game (including travel and food etc.) really the type of person they are looking to attract?

I'm not convinced about the benefits, but football is a money game these days so best of luck to them!

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