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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Can the evolution of direct mail teach us how to use RSS and personalised home pages to create REAL 121 communication?

In a print-based DM afterlife, the ability to personalise the content of the mailing to each recipient was an incredibly potent but equally difficult method of getting that person to open and respond.

Digital print made it possible to achieve this 121 approach and bring individually targeted content to each mailing.

In light of the fact that the net and html emails (which have been around for years) have driven the consumer's desire, understanding and expectation of personalised content, why do more companies not take the lead and use personalised home pages more?

RSS can be an incredibly effective stand-alone communication channel for frequently updated (marketing) content but only once it is subscribed to.

Surely the best way of getting people to sign-up to RSS is to. provide a personalisable environment within which people already see relevant content they have created themselves?

Regular, targeted and wider-ranging content via a personalisable home page (like google home page for example) presents your company as that which provides its customer with only those things in which they are interested, presenting you with the opportunity to target even further with RSS content (or better targeted html mail).

It is just like direct mail moving from the personalisation of certain fields of content to fully personalised digital content - the more personalised the content, the better the reponse!

Why not let's find a way to make the landing-page environment more individual by learning from visitor's site movements thus making RSS a more attractive option?
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